Dinner at Stanford Medical

I’m at Stanford Med visiting a friend who’s in the hospital right now. I got hungry so I went to the cafe and scored this.


This is the Turkey Meatloaf.

This nutritious beast contains carmalized onions and mashed potatoes on a chibatta loaf bread.

For $4.85: oh hell yeah this is the shit!! For giving up red meat and pork… Great fucking substitute!!

Another day of Lent: Road Dogs Ordeal

It’s just another day of lent, let’s review what I gave up for Lent.

Masterbation – TBD… yup. still figuring this out.

Fried Chicken – Not happening

Fried Food – need to keep this to a minimum

Chicken – Nope

Beef – YUP

Pork – YUP

With this in mind, let’s review today’s problem. Lately I’ve been helping my friends on the Crepe ‘Em Coming truck. Now when at events, we tend to barter for food with other food trucks. Tonight we traded a crepe for hot dogs from the Road Dogs food truck.

Now the problem. Hot dog = Meat.. well not really, it’s scrap meat however it’s still red meat. Looks like it.


The Kamikaze Dog! A hot dog with some seaweed shit on in in a hawaiian roll. Oh and some mayo I believe.

Looks yummy huh.. yup it sure does. Betcha you’re thinking I’m going to eat it. I sure want too! Does it taste good? Hell if I know, I didn’t eat it. What I can tell you is what was going through my mind looking at this hot dog!


OH.. you look so fucking good!!!


OH.. I betcha you taste good too!!


YUP!! I’m going to eat all this goodness!!








NO, I will NOT put you my mouth and enjoy your savory taste!




Yeah I didn’t eat the hot dog.. Kudos to me.. though I did eat a Ice Cream Sandwhich in it’s place. Sorry, I didn’t a picture of it because of the FUCKING HOT DOG!

Lent Day 2: breakfast

It’s day two of Lent and sticking to this no red meat is starting to become more bullshittish..  Is that a word??

Well true to my word, I have to at least try. Today’s breakfast is brought to me by our friends at the Shark Bait food truck.


Yup, this is my breakfast; one yummy looking fish taco. (Did I use the semicolon right? )

Now I have no idea what sauce this is, just going to assume our their secret sauce. Everyone got a “secret sauce”. Not sure why but they do.

This looks like a regular fish taco until you put this shit in your mouth and eat it. Let me tell you, this fish just exploded in my mouth with a ton of flavor. Not only is the fish cooked nice, that dayam sauce and coleslaw is a nice mixture. It’s got a nice kick to it, not spicy but you can taste the spice.

Unfortunately there was only one fish taco left. I can’t give you a further in depth review because there isn’t a second taco to eat.

40 Days of Lent: What am I going to give up

Now I’m not a practicing Catholic but I do like to use Lent as a basis to give up something to benefit me. Some people give up social media.. but really how does that benefit you in the long run.. some people give up alcohol.. but does that really do you any good.. because unless you’re an alcoholic are you really doing something positive for benefit you? Yeah I sound like a hypocrite but who cares.. i’m just voicing what’s in my head.. so with that.. what am I giving up for Lent! Making a sacrafice should be something that you can’t live without.. that you must have… so let’s see..

Masterbation – TBD

Fried Chicken – Nope, please no Beef.. i’ll need a substitute..

Fried Food – maybe.. because fridays are fish only.. so i’ll be eating fish and chips

Chicken – Nope

Beef – Easy.. yes

Pork – uhhhh… shit…. let’s think about this…


Pulled pork.. YUMMMMMMM




Lechon Kawali.. mmm.. yummy yummmy

OH THE HARDEST THING.. FUCK IT.. i’m giving it up.. no pork for 40 days.. just Chicken… Turkey… Seafood.. oh dayam!! well i gotta kick start my diet anyways since I want to lean out more for the races coming up.

So how do we start off the season.. oh yeah.. let’s start off with my friends new Gourmet Truck!



Yes it’s a Crepes on Wheels kinda deal and it’s DELICIOUS!! I’m not saying that cuz they’re my friends.. well kinda.. but it’s really good. Fortunately, they have a vegetarian crepe called the Passage to India.


Aloo Sabji / Passage to India 
Authentic Indian stir-fried potatoes, onions, tomatoes, green chilli and ginger, garnished with cilantro, topped with a cooling yogurt-garbanzo chutney drizzle

Yeah this crepe is delicious.. no meat.. just potatoes and other goodies. Not a bad way to start off Lent.. now let’s see if i can keep this going for the next 39 days! Wish me luck!

It’s a 2015 and it’s back to DIETING!! (well not yet)

So it’s the new year, 2015 has finally come around. You know that that means, that’s right time to get back on the FUCKING DIET!!

BUT FIRST! I was told there was a new Korean Chicken spot in Sunnyvale! Well guess what, diet can start next week! How many times have you told yourself that.. I say it all the dayam time!


BEHOLD!!! The newest Korean Chicken Joint to come to the Bay Area!


Wait what the fuck.. oven chicken?? Yes folks if you’re “trying” to be healthy they serve oven baked chicken. The menu is pretty small.. some oven baked and two types of fried chicken..Crunch and Crispy.. seriously what the fuck is the difference, they’re both fried.

Anyhow, it was time to order. First thing up. FRIES.. well no need for pictures of french fries because if you don’t know what they look like, you’re not American and no I will not accept potato wedges or potato cuts as an alternative.

After munching on the fries, we ordered their Kim Chee fried rice.


Looks bomb don’t it. OH yeah I can’t wait to digest this orange mound of shit! Well actually that’s what it really was.. a mound of shit because it didn’t taste very good at all. More like hey we got white rice in the back and i got some orange La Vics sauce here to turn that shit orange. well it didn’t work.

Next up, the oven baked chicken. (Menu is here)

This is called the Vons Special Sauce.


This gooey mixture is their BBQ sauce, actually it wasn’t too bad just becareful when you eat these wings. The sauce is very gooey and thick, if you’re not paying attention that shit will just drip off your chicken on to clothing or smeared all over your face, as I was told earlier even AFTER i went to the bathroom. Seriously I wiped my face, how did I miss it! Now you’re wondering how did the chicken taste… EXCELLENT!! We ordered the HOT version of this. Nope, not hot at all, hell my smoked chicken wings have more heat than this. However, it’s still good. I think I ate most of it. The sauce is pretty tangy and they cake it on the wings. One thing this place needs is wet naps. These single ply tissues ain’t working. Wiping your hands after eating these wings, your hands look like a disaster zone after a night of solo pleasuring.. wait.. is that too forward?

Okay, let’s get to the real stuff… the FRIED CHICKEN!


This is the Crispy Fried chicken. they say the difference between this and the Crunchy is the batter. Makes me wonder how Crunchy Crunchy. I’ll have to try it next time. The batter on these bad boys is interesting because it reminds me of frozen chicken! Primarily Banquet Bone in Hot Wings. (i eat this shit all the time, I can’t help it and no my stomach does not like this in about two hours)


We also once again ordered the Spicy version. I’m just gonna say it, they’re spicy is not HOT AT ALL! I wonder if they have a secret sauce in the back because there’s absolutely no heat on these wings. The good thing about these wings is that they’re cooked fresh. These things come piping hot from the deep fryer and boy are they worth every bit. Their hot sauce is a bit sweet but not over bearing. Good mixture. Sink your teeth into one of these and it turns into a Pringles Nightmare, you can’t have just one… or you feel like a Pokemon master.. GOTTA EAT THEM ALL.

Yeah it was really good. I was stuffed by the end.. well not really i came back and ordered 20 more pieces for my brother and have been snacking on them all day. Fuck it.. #fatboy status

SO now you’re wondering who’s better.. 99 Chicken.. vons.. bon chon.. coco chicken..

Well 99 chicken and Coco Chicken are in the same category of fried chicken joints. To me they’re not Bon Chon or Vons.. they’re just different. Just take my word for it.

So .. Bon Chon > Vons.

Sorry Vons.. you have more flavors, but Bon Chon still beats you out!

the smoothie con·coc·tion

Today I wanted to just say FUCK IT and randomly put something together for my daily smoothie. It’s time to experiment. So I give you the RANDOM SMOOTHIE day.

Let’s see what kinda fucked up smoothie I made today.



1 Peruvian Cucumber (yup it’s small, but like they say good things come in small packages)

1 big ass kale leaf! looks big but really it’s not

1/2 cup of frozen mango.. shit who am i kidding, i think i put in a cups worth!

1/2 cup of frozen strawberries.. once again.. it was more like a HEAPING 1/2 cup

1 whole pineapple greek yogurt, sorry i didn’t actually look at how big the yogurt was, I just poured the whole fucking thing in. I’d say it was a big scoop of yogurt.

1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds, maybe a little less. hard to tell i wasn’t gauging anything

1 cup of Coconut Water





I had my little brother sample it.. he drank it.. looked at me.. then helped himself to another round of smoothie! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!


You may noticed I said Day 3 and not post anything on Day 1 or 2.. well that’s simple.. I FUCKED UP ON DAY ONE AND TWO!! so now I’ve hit the reset button and started the detox today. Now this isn’t a real detox, but more of a HEY DUMBASS can you eat a little bit better now!

This detox is only going until the day before Thanksgiving. Yup that means when Turkey day hits, I’m pigging out!

So what are our rules for the remainder of the month:

1. No Rice

2. No Fried Food

3. No soda

4. No junk food

5. Eat 3x a day (minimum)

6. No Desserts

Well as you can see, this is like a real diet but however it’s pretty forgiving. The hard part Rice, Fried Food and Soda.. I’m doomed!!!

Well let’s begin with what I had this morning. I had the usual smoothie but then I had this bad boy which fits in to my diet!


MMMM.. this was from Starbucks. Ham & Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich! I can’t have rice but I can eat BREAD!!!

The next stop after this was lunch which my parents treated me to Home Town Buffet. The words Buffet just makes this challenge harder! So let’s see what to eat!!

20141103_132913 20141103_132934 20141103_132939

Look at all this goodness! YUM!! YUM!! YUM!!! it’s so good!!

So what did I eat? well let me show you my fucking plate! Seeing all this good food and I end up with this shit!


A fucking SALAD! OH yeah this looks fucking great! yeah.. SPINACH LEAVES.. and some other shit.. a spoonful of potato salad and a spoonful of seafood salad.. so yeah.. very fucking yummy!


Oh yeah you need your protein and this is all i fraking ate! Yup.. that’s a rotisserie chicken thigh and some fucking corn!

Blah.. maybe dinner will be better!!


Did someone say Stouffers French Bread Pizza!! Oh hell yeah!! this makes up for the crap I ate earlier and yes it’s within the rules!!!